Best Places for Young Execs to Live in Florida
Best Places for Young Execs to Live in Florida

Best Places for Young Execs to Live in Florida

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Are you a young professional looking for a new place in Florida that suits both your busy work schedule and extravagant lifestyle? Well, you're in luck, to say the least! The Sunshine State is packed with places that match this description perfectly. With its amazing beaches, world-class shopping, the variety of fine dining restaurants, hip bars, and thriving business centers, it's no wonder that the young and rich find Florida appealing. The only problem here is how to choose the right place from the sea of opportunities. That's why we decided to help you and make the list of the best places for young execs to live in Florida. So, keep reading to find out which one of these fun places suits you the most!



Miami is the first and obvious choice when it comes to the best places for young execs to live in Florida. It is a flourishing business epicenter of the state and a bustling multicultural hub. Besides ample job opportunities, Miami offers the most amazing white sand beaches, a magnificent skyline, and exciting nightlife. Sounds fantastic, right? If you want to move to Florida, Miami should be on top of your list. We picked two neighborhoods in the city that are booming with young professionals. So, let's see what they are!


South Beach, or SoBe as everybody's calling it, is the place for the young, rich, and successful. It has it all - trendy restaurants, high-end boutiques, cute cafes, and fun bars and nightclubs. SoBe is also just a few steps from the ocean, so if you like having fun in the sun - you're definitely in the right place!
Additionally, this neighborhood of Miami is also known as "Artdeco Playground". Thus, it's an excellent place for those who have a bug for art. It houses several festivals dedicated to art, and the most famous one is the Art Basel Miami. There is something for fashionistas as well - the Miami Fashion Week takes place right here in South Beach, Miami!


If you're all about the lux lifestyle, then Brickell is the right neighborhood for you. It's one of Florida's largest and most thriving financial hubs. That's why it's called "Wall Street of the South". Besides its non-stop economic and business growth, Brickell houses some of the most luxurious apartment complexes. This vibrant neighborhood is bustling with young professionals who are hungry for success and the extravagant Miami lifestyle. It's no surprise that Brickell is one of the best places for young execs to live in Florida.


When it comes to the best places for young professionals in Florida, we must mention Orlando. This fast-growing city is attracting more and more young entrepreneurs each year. Orlando represents a great blend of professional business organizations and vibrant nightlife. And, according to Forbes, Orlando is voted as the 3rd happiest place for young execs in the USA. Amazing, right? So, what does Orlando have to offer?
This beautiful city has several neighborhoods that are great for young and successful adults: Baldwin Park, East Central Park, South Eola, etc. However, Downtown Orlando has definitely become the hotspot for young execs over the last few years. It's also known as the "Central Business District" because of the many career opportunities it offers. Furthermore, you'll find many chic cafes, bars, and restaurants here in Downtown Orlando. If you're a party-head, don't worry - there are plenty of nightclubs you can go to! All things considered, it's a great place to connect to other like-minded execs and just live your best successful life.  



or young professionals who like to live in quiet neighborhoods, Miramar is an excellent choice. This suburb is only a half-hour drive from Miami, and it offers just as great opportunities for young execs. Miramar is also considered one of the priciest suburbs in this area. This doesn't surprise at all since most of the residents are successful young adults who are looking for a more extravagant lifestyle. So, this means a lot of like-minded new neighbors!
Additionally, Miramar has spent years developing a dynamic downtown area that now serves as a social hub for locals. Here you can find both trendy nightclubs and fine dining restaurants. Small and cozy cafes and hip bars for after-work drinks are also on the map of Miramar. Furthermore, the beaches are only a short drive away from this beautiful and chic suburb. All in all, if you choose Miramar, you'll have the chance to experience the tranquility of a suburb and the opportunities of a big city.



Tampa is one of the fastest-growing cities in Florida business-wise. The job market is skyrocketing, and many prominent investors and companies are moving their businesses to this fantastic city. That's why this is one of the best places in Florida for young execs. With endless opportunities to thrive when it comes to their careers, these young and trendy people are rushing to settle in Tampa. 


The business world is not the only thing young professionals find appealing - this city also has a buzzing social scene and great nightlife. As a plus, beaches are a stone's throw away, so if you like relaxing at the beach while drinking mojitos and looking hot, Tampa is the perfect city for you!
What are you waiting for? Choose the right place for you in Florida and start packing! After reading up on all these fantastic places in Florida for young execs, we wouldn't blame you if you already picked one and hired a moving company. Actually, you're going to need a professional crew once you move and start unpacking and settling into your new home. As any busy and successful professional, you probably won't have much time for the whole process. That's why hiring experts will take the load off your back. You can start unpacking the rooms you use the most such as the kitchen, bedroom, and bathroom. Professionals can help you throughout the whole process and speed things up for you. Just make a plan together and think strategically!

Florida, here I come! 

Even though you can work from anywhere nowadays, it's always good to surround yourself with hard-working energy that will help you thrive. All these cities we listed in this article are the best places for young execs to live in Florida. Not only will you flourish there as a young professional, but your social life will go through the roof. And what more does a young and successful person need?

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