No matter where in the world you’re off to, we can get you there. And we can do much more than move your furniture. Want to take your pets with you? Yep, we can take Fido or Fluffy anywhere. Your prized VW Beetle? No problem. Need to find a new home? Done and done. In short, we can help with everything you can possibly imagine, even if you want a gardener or a maid waiting for you when you get there.

Whether you’re an expat, a diplomat, a student or a family of twelve, we’ve got the expertise, the resources and the passion to move you anywhere. Go on and take a look at what we can do!

Go Relocation

Whether it’s to other side of the street or the other side of the world, Go will get you there. Professional packing services, customs clearance, car relocation, immigration help and much more, each and every move is tailor-made to your unique requirements.

We also offer comprehensive relocation services for corporate clients, including home and school search and finance management. In short, we not only have all the services to move you to your new home, but we can also set up your new home too!

For a free, no obligations quotation, simply fill in our Go Move Quotation Form.

Fine Art Moves

If you want to take your entire collection with you, or just that priceless family heirloom, ask our white-glove packers to take care of it. Wizards in handling delicate, valuable items, you can be absolutely certain your Ming Vase will be in safe hands. Over and above transportation, we can also help with importation paperwork, customs clearance, storage and installation.

Just contact us for a free quotation.

Office Moves

Need to relocate an entire office? From 10 to 1000 employees, we’ll have you all set up in your new location as quickly as possible, so that everybody can get back to work. Among other things, we can help with:
  • Office move planning and preparation
  • Moving archives and confidential documentation
  • Secure short and long-term storage
  • Dismantling, packing, transport and reassembly of all office equipment
  • Out-of-hours moves (weekends and evenings)
  • Simply contact us for a free quotation.

Industrial Moves

Our industrial moving team can take factories, industries and gallery pieces anywhere. Whether you only need to move a few heavy pieces of equipment, or transport delicate artworks to the other side of the world, our experts can help.

Simply contact us for a free quotation.

Piano Moves

Want to make sure those ivories are in prime tickling condition after your move? Go can make it so. Our specialist piano movers have handled more uprights, concert grands and baby grands than you can imagine.

To find out how much a finely-tuned piano move will set you back, just get in touch with us for a free quotation.

Go Storage

If you need to store something because you’re moving abroad on a temporary assignment or for the foreseeable future, our state of the art warehouses can take it all. Each of our warehouses is equipped with modern digital security systems, temperature and humidity controls and 24 hour CCTV surveillance. Click here for more information.

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