Go Group's European Express service operates from and between any European financial centre. Personal effects are collected from your door and transferred directly to your new address at home or work. Transit times vary but are usually around 5 days or less*

Who is this service suitable for?

  • Anyone with at least 100 kgs of boxes (6+ approx)
  • Urgent relocations or moves
  • Employees on temporary assignments
  • Extended business travellers
  • Assignees with a 'capped' or a fixed allowance.

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For a free quotation please fill out one of our quotation forms and a Go representative will contact you shortly.

**London to Paris – 5 working days. Paris to Geneva 5 working days. Sample Pricing is based on 200 cuft or around 50 boxes (40x40x60 cm).

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1 - Go Group contacts the assignee and talks them through the process.
2 - A timed collection is arranged with the assignee.
3 - A Go Group crew will pack the agreed allowance and load into our Express vans.
4 - Express transport & customs clearance at destination (if relevant).
5 - Full delivery with unpacking of the furniture and fragile cartons.
- Courtesy call from a Go Group representative.

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