Preparing your crockery for a move

Written by Jennifer Beattie on Wednesday, 08 October 2014. Posted in Go Move Abroad

Unfortunately too many people try to pack in a rush and end up arriving in their new home with more pieces than actual plates and bowls!

Packing your crockery
So to help you avoid this scenario, have a look at these simple do’s and don’ts to help you pack your treasured china.


  • Have all your materials ready, boxes, bubble wrap, wrapping paper/paper blankets, a tape gun and scissors.
  • Prepare and clear the surface where you will pack.
  • Elevate the box to waist height to avoid excessive bending.
  • Put on some decent music – as it can be a little dull!
  • Wrap each bowl or plate in several sheets of paper.
  • Place the plates in the box on their side.
  • Cushion the box around the bottom with additional bubble wrap or cardboard bumpers.
  • Tape the box shut securely
  • Label the box FRAGILE


  • Try to pack fragile items with the kids and dog around!
  • Use old supermarket boxes – try to invest in proper moving boxes even if this is only for your fragile items.
  • Stack your plates and bowls in a box – bad, really bad idea!
  • Forget to tape the box shut.
  • Overload the box.
  • Expect the removal company to telepathically know the contents of your box if you haven’t labelled it!

If you follow these simple tips, you should have no problems moving.

Good luck!

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