How do I move home on a budget?

Written by Jennifer Beattie on Thursday, 10 April 2014. Posted in Go Moving Tips

It is a known fact that moving can be difficult. It is a less well known fact that it can also be pretty expensive if you are not careful.

Moving on a budget
Unfortunately, many of us only find that out when we are well down the road of packing and already on a tight budget. So what can you do if you have to move home but don’t have much cash?

Where do I find information about how to move on a budget?

You can find plenty of tips on the internet about how to move when the pennies are a little tight, usually though, it doesn’t specify how tight the budget is. As most people are aware, everybody has a different idea of the meaning of the word ‘budget’. Another approach might be to ask the various moving companies if they have a slightly less expensive option, for example renting a van and driver only. If they can’t help maybe they can refer you to people who can. Of course, word of mouth is also very important and asking around for recommendations is not a bad way to start.

Is it possible to move when I have less than 300 Euros to spend?

This is a pretty tight budget and there will be no frills. But if you are frugal it is possible. You are probably only looking at moving a small office or apartment/studio for this, so if there is more to move, you will need more friends and more snacks!

1 - Organize your stuff. Then get rid of 50% of it. You don’t need it and you certainly don’t need the expense of moving it.

2 - Collect as many free packing materials as possible. Anything that you can pack things into is useful, for example egg cartons, shoe boxes etc.

3 - Lots of things to move? Then you are going to need some friends. This is especially important if you have heavy items. Remember if you are relying on volunteers, then you will have to wine and dine them too, after all, it is only polite! This will add to the moving expense so remember to compensate for this in your budget.

4 - If it is a local move, it might be possible without hiring a van. This will save you a good chunk of change and you can buy your mates a decent curry rather than a soggy sandwich! If you have no option but to hire a van, then try and take it for the minimum amount of time. If you are moving over a long distance, then renting the van one way is often more expensive than a return. Shop around on this though. You might find that a midweek move (if you can get the volunteers), is cheaper than a weekend one.

5 – Another option is to hire some ‘brawn’ for the day. In other words paying someone to help you with the physical side of the move. Depending on where you live, 300 Euros could well be enough for a van and a helper. It would certainly save you money in meals and awkwardness when one of your mates drops your computer!

I have 1000 Euros or more to spend, what are my options?

More budget buys you more thrills and fewer physiotherapy appointments! Many moving companies can offer you good packages for this type of budget. The things they will consider when pricing your move are the volume or approximate weight of the items to be moved, the distance of the move and the nature of the items. Priceless artworks will obviously cost a bit more!

There are many advantages to using a trusted company if you have the budget. Here are some of the reasons:

  • They know how to move stuff without breaking it.
  • They are generally faster and for a local move this can help keep the costs down as the move can be completed in half a day.
  • There is every chance they will bring their own van or truck.
  • They bring their own tools and packing materials.
  • You do not have to provide meals, although other snack and drinks would be appreciated!
If you need help with your move, even if you are on a tight budget, hop on over to Go and see how we can help you. Or contact us for more information and a free quote.

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