Reporting to: COO
Primary interface is with suppliers, the accounts and colleagues within in FD Platinum / Go Group but will also have contact with customers when necessary. This position will oversee all operational activities in the UK with responsibility for the move management team along with the warehouse.

Move Management:

  • Control, mentor and educate the move coordinators.
  • Support Team with client/Assignee files.
  • Problem solving.
  • Ensure data integrity in the operational systems.
  • Supply chain – choice of suppliers in accordance with supply chain manager.
  • Working with Pricing Manager on Rate Schedules, Supplier Schedules etc.
  • Maximise all revenue opportunities.
  • Ensure the best possible cost for service being purchased.
  • Approval of sales invoices.


    Overall control the Warehouse incl;
  • Location of all items within.
  • Stock control of materials & uniforms.
  • Maintenance of all vehicles i.e. forklifts & vans.
  • Operations:

  • Source & Manage Crews
  • Background checks & Insurances etc
  • Updated crew tariff
  • SLAs completed
  • Responsible for finding & booking crew
  • Ensure they have uniform / packing inventories etc
  • Primary crew & secondary (Platinum/GO)
  • Paperwork control & checks
  • Fine Art Crews
  • Ensure correct packing
  • Attention to detail, labels, pictures etc

  • Manage & maintain crew diary
  • Management & sourcing of materials (UK & France)
  • Management & sourcing of European trucking & groupage containers
  • Update ShipR2.0 for all incoming shipments to warehouse
  • Tracking of all storage shipments and ensuring all revenue is invoiced
  • Incl handling for trade storage


  • Monitor/Track & control ETSF/Bond Files
  • Work with warehouse to ensure accurate reporting

Baggage / Groupage Shipments

  • Develop the groupage & baggage service offering
    • Operational process
    • Worldwide capabilities
  • Develop supply chain to deliver this service


  • Identifying new opportunities
    • Specifically for baggage/groupage shipments
  • Provide support to sales team when necessary


  • Surveys
  • Access checks
  • Quality checks
  • Supervisor on Platinum moves


  • Adherence to all quality guidelines & processes

Company Values:

The Company Values are a part of who we are, our people and how we operate. They were developed by our staff for our staff. They are integral in our recruitment process, our appraisal programme and how we act and behave on a daily basis.

  • Customer Experience – by putting the customer experience above all else by delivering exceptional service every time, by always focusing on the details
  • Making the impossible possible – Always creating solutions and new opportunities
  • Agility & Adaptability – by working quickly, seamlessly and cohesively
  • No idea too crazy to share – by being ahead of the curve and challenging the norm
  • Teamwork – By playing our part, working together, we care passionately about what the company is striving to achieve!
  • Integrity – by having strong work ethics, sound judgment, honesty, respect and trust
  • Accuracy – by taking pride in our attention to detail
  • Our people – we create an inclusive environment where everyone can be themselves, thrive and reach their full potential.