The Essential Moving Day Survival Kit
The Essential Moving Day Survival Kit

The Essential Moving Day Survival Kit

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Moving day is often a day that is full of varying emotions.

Moving day is often a day that is full of varying emotions, from the excitement of moving to your new property, to the sentimental sadness of leaving your old home. You’ll be busy overseeing your removals team and carrying out last minute checks so it’s easy to forget certain essentials. That’s why we’ve put together a list of items to pack as part of a moving day survival kit.


A moving day survival kit is an essential box consisting of all the essentials you’ll likely need right away once you’ve moved into your new home.


Think toiletries, bed linen, clothes, food, cooking utensils and of course… the kettle if you are in the UK, coffee and tea bags.

Phone chargers are a must also. You’ll likely be making lots of calls to people such as estate agents, solicitors and so it’s important your phone is on hand and has plenty of juice.

Create a document file where you can keep copies of all essential documents, including house deeds, passport copies, etc.

Of course, the exact contents of your Moving Day Survival Kit will largely be dependent on you and your family’s circumstances.
Keep everything you think you will need in your first few days in a box and put it in your car BEFORE the removal team arrive so that it doesn’t get scooped up. 

It’s also handy to have a few recycling bags lying around as well so you can quickly dispose of anything you decide you don’t need.

Here are some helpful headings to ensure your Moving Day Survival Kit has got you covered for every eventuality:


Being eco conscious we advise packing up a selection of your mugs, teaspoons, plates and cutlery. Include paper towels, washing-up liquid, and cloth. 

Take it easy and consider ordering a takeaway on your first night, it’s a tiring day and you’ll want to be kind to yourself. Why not introduce yourself to the neighbours and ask for a local takeaway recommendation? You might want to bring some water bottles to make sure you stay hydrated during the day.


Moving is hungry work. Regardless of the distance you’ve travelled you’re going to want to put food together pretty quickly, particularly if you’ve got little ones pulling at your trouser legs.

You don’t need to pack for Armageddon but bringing along a few snacks and food items for your first few days can help you settle in more easily to your new home.

Pack lunches for kids and plenty of non-perishable items, which can be opened for instant use and minimum preparation time.

Some great food items to include in your Moving Day Survival Kit include:

  • cereals
  • cheese and biscuits
  • bread and butter for sandwiches
  • milk, coffee and tea bags
  • fresh fruit


Don’t get caught out when you move into your new home.
Pack plenty of supplies for the bathroom, such as:

  • toilet paper
  • sanitary products
  • soap
  • towels
  • toothpaste
  • shampoo
  • deodorant
  • first-aid kit and plasters
  • painkillers (hopefully you shouldn’t need these!)
Unfortunately, not everyone leaves their house in as great a shape in which they found it. It’s a good idea therefore to include some cleaning products as part of your Moving Day Survival Kit.

Having some cleaning supplies on hand means you can give it that quick sparkle. Be sure to include:
  • rubber gloves
  • sponge
  • cloths
  • scourers
  • plunger
  • brushes


One area that is often neglected by those moving into new homes is the bedroom. You don’t want to find yourself searching through box after box to find your bed linen at the end of a busy moving day do you? 

You’re going to want to crash into your own bed as quickly as possible rather than have to grapple through boxes. So make sure you pack bedroom items into your Moving Day Survival Kit so you can access it straight away.

Make sure to include the following:

  • bed linen
  • pillows
  • duvets
  • pyjamas and change of clothes
  • clothing hangers


DIY might not be your immediate first point of call but it’s handy to keep some tools with you in case you need them.

It might sound obvious but a utility knife or scissors for cutting open boxes is an absolute must!
Some handy tools you may need include:

  • hammer
  • screwdrivers
  • measuring tape and pliers


If you are moving house with kids it’s usually a good idea to have someone look after them while you move.
If you’re moving a long distance or would rather they settle into their new home right away you ought to prepare for this.
Bring essential items they need, food and plenty of entertainment to ensure they don’t get bored.
You might want to let them pack their own special moving day survival kit with their favourite toy, book, game, and snacks.

Some items you might want to include are:

  • handheld gaming devices and tablets
  • books and puzzles
  • baby changing supplied for young children
  • favourite toys
  • comfort items and night lights


Like children, pets also need care and attention during the moving process.
Ensure they are well catered for in terms of food and entertainment and pack the following:

  • food and water bowls
  • bedding
  • leads/collars
  • toys and specific items they need  

Why it makes sense to use a Professional Removals Company.

When you hire a professional removals company like Go Group, you are not just getting an experienced removals team, you’re also getting a virtual hand hold, helping you to stress less and look forward to your new adventure.
You are getting access to the knowledge base of professionals who have moved just about everything there is and know what to look out for. 

How Can Go Group Help?

Go Group has been providing expert removal services in the UK and Internationally for over 10 years. We look after every step of your move, from planning through to execution. Allowing you to focus on your family and the excitement of your new home.

We use a modern range of environmentally friendly, purpose-made packing materials to prepare and ship your belongings safely to their intended destination. 

Our team are all fully trained and certified to the required standards of the British Association of Removers. 

You may also wish to use our unpacking service to unpack your belongings onto flat surfaces and dispose of all packing materials.

Go Group can also offer you storage at flexible rates compared to most commercial units. Whether you want to empty a room for refurbishing or de-clutter your home for a ‘show-house’ talk to us to see how we can help. 

What are you waiting for? To find out how Go Group can get your dream move underway don’t hesitate to contact us today and to book in your virtual home survey.

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